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Monday Hotel

Monday Hotel

Monday Hotel, located in Tbilisi, Georgia, aimed to blend traditional Georgian hospitality with modern amenities and luxury interiors. As the chosen graphic design team, our task was to visually encapsulate the fusion of tradition and modernity, showcasing the hotel's unique identity through various branding and design elements.

Monday Hotel


1 Week




2 Person


The primary challenge revolved around harmonizing the dichotomy between tradition and modern luxury. The initial hurdle was to strike the right balance, avoiding an overtly traditional appearance while ensuring the modern aspects did not overshadow the hotel's roots. 


We spent time researching Georgian culture, looking for design elements that held meaning without being too obvious. This helped us blend tradition into modern designs. We worked closely with the hotel's interior designers to ensure our graphics matched the physical space. This collaboration helped us merge luxury elements into our designs effectively. We made a detailed guide on how to use colors, fonts, and images consistently across everything related to the hotel. This ensured a unified look for the brand.


Incorporating Georgian traditions without making the design appear overly clichéd was tough. We had to dig deep into Georgian culture to strike a balance that felt authentic yet modern. Portraying luxury without being flashy was key. We had to find ways to showcase opulence while keeping things subtle and sophisticated. Ensuring a consistent look across different design elements, from logos to marketing materials, was a challenge. Every piece needed to reflect the hotel's vibe seamlessly.


The OutCome

Our efforts resulted in a consistent visual identity that captured the essence of Monday Hotel. The graphic designs blended traditional Georgian elements with modern luxury, reflecting the hotel's unique vibe. Guests appreciated the balance between tradition and modernity in the design, contributing to the hotel's distinct charm.