Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework
Publication date: 2023-12-18

Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework

The choice of development tool is crucial when working on a project of any complexity and size. Hammering nails with a microscope is not very effective :). You need a hammer.


The first and foremost reason why at HobbyStudio we develop the backend in Laravel is the MVC concept, which is built into Laravel.


This is a beautiful and simple, therefore effective concept that allows you to work very flexibly with databases, easily process user requests, and conveniently display data.


In fact, Laravel does exactly what a good framework should do: it makes the programmer's job easier, allowing them to get better results, faster and easier than writing a project without a framework, or using other tools.


It's also a very beautiful and simple concept in terms of layers. Before the cast is processed and the user sees the final result, the data is processed by various layers of the application:

  • Route Middleware
  • Controller
  • Service Providers
  • Model

This allows you to work finely with requests and at the same time make sure that the application logic is not intertwined.



Code readability is more important than brevity…

Laravel offers a smooth and expressive syntax that makes coding easier. The framework also encourages the use of design patterns, which makes the code more readable and maintainable.




Integration with third-party services:

Laravel easily integrates with third-party services such as cloud storage, payment gateways, and other APIs. This makes it easier to create functional and scalable applications.




Automatic code generation (Artisan): 

Artisan is a command line tool built into Laravel that makes application development easier by automatically generating code, migrations, controllers, and more.




Active community:

Laravel has a wide and active developer community. This means you can easily find resources, documentation, plugins, and help whenever you need it.



This article lists only a small part of the advantages of Laravel. A more detailed analysis of the language can be found on the excellent website